1873 Sawatch Pano - Metal Print

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This digitally re-imagined version of an 1873 survey drawing by William Henry Holmes is printed on a 7x30 inch piece of 1/8 inch thick aluminum. The metal print is made using a dye sublimation process so that the image is infused to the aluminum panel. The panel has ~1/4 inch rounded corners and is mounted to a 1 inch deep wall float. The print can be cleaned with a rag and can be hung in damp places like bathrooms, near the heat of a wood stove or even outside.

In an effort to check the accuracy of this surveyors sketch we hiked to the exact spot on Buffalo Peak where the drawing matched up with the view and took a series of photos. Surprisingly the old sketch was nearly pixel perfect making the labeling of peaks that much easier. If you ever get the chance we highly recommend the beautiful hike from the Four Mile Creek trailhead up to Buffalo Peak.

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