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It’s no secret that Leaville and the surrounding area are not world-class climbing destinations. But what many climbers might be surprised by is the quality and fun that can be had at areas like Monitor Rock, Tiger Cliff, and the popular climbing areas of Buena Vista. Check out the following links to download mini guide pdfs, see approaches to remote Leadville climbing areas, and buy the guidebook.


Buckeye run.jpg

We love a good adventure “run” even if it means a little Willow bashing and making our way slowly through tottering boulders above 13,000 feet. There are virtually endless routes to explore in the Sawatch, Mosquito, and Gore Ranges and we included some of them in our book The Leadville Runner. The links below include one to a series PDF Maps with notes and one to buy the guidebook.


Hike Best-3_edited.jpg

Soon after we came out with our adventure running guidebook, we realized the need for a guide to more mainstream hikes. Our hiking guidebook includes shorter hikes to alpine lakes, riverside dog walks, and challenging 14ers in Sawatch and Mosquito Ranges. Get the guidebook and check out these popular links to hiking info.


Elbert Bike low res-36.jpg

Every time you turn around, there are more purpose-built mountain bike trails in Leadville. Newer flow trails like Swamp Angel have become instantly popular. The Cloud City wheelers are responsible for all of the local development and amazing winter grooming, check out their website for maps as well as our Leadville to Salida bike guidebook.


Party Ski Cornice.jpg

Despite being surrounded by ski areas in Central Colorado Leadville is in a bit of a “snow desert.” Because of the shallow snowpack skiing in the backcountry in winter months is both dangerous and mediocre. That being said the snow often sticks around in the mountains through May when the conditions tend to be safer making long ski traverses through the high peaks possible (in good years!). Check out our spring ski traverse maps.

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