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Galena was founded after years of working and playing in the mountains and rivers around Leadville and the Arkansas Valley. It was an idea born out of dark starts and long days, slow walks, and tent-bound musings. We are a company that is all about place. Our western-inspired pearl snap shirts harken back to Leadville’s mining history, our guidebooks help others discover new adventures, and our imagery shines a new light on the raw beauty of Lake County.


Our namesake peak is visible on the western skyline from downtown Leadville, CO. It’s not that tall compared to the neighboring 14er’s, and the easiest way to the top is a pleasant outing for durable elementary schoolers; however, this unpretentious peak beckons you to visit its ridges, basins, and couloirs. Our products embody the spirit of Galena Mountain and the simple joys of our home ranges. 


And just like our products, our origin story is a little different than most outdoor brands. We got our start writing guidebooks. Initially, we published guides to climbing and running in the Arkansas Valley highlighting the unexplored crag and the forgotten path. Now, we’re excited to have new guides about hiking and riding in and around the Arkansas Valley. And while our new books stick slightly more to the realm of the established, we hope we can provide a creative spin or unique perspective on the familiar route and ride.


And why does it matter that we got our start scrubbing dirt off new climbing routes and scouring old maps? Because at the end of the day, in order to pay homage to a place, you need to know it. And while there is always one more ridge to explore or boulder to hike to, we feel confident that our homegrown apparel, guidebooks, and art capture some part of the essence of Leadville and will inspire adventure and make you smile.


The last year has been filled with learning and exploration here at Galena. Since opening the doors to our new shop in the spring of 2023, we’ve enjoyed the company of friends, new and old, and have gotten to spread the good word about adventuring in the Arkansas Valley. Part gallery and part retail space, we love connecting folks to the outdoors, whether that is through an inspiring image, a guidebook, or an adventure-ready pearl snap shirt.

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Our brand is not just about outdoor gear; it's a celebration of community and collaboration. At the core of our business lies a partnership with a Denver factory owned and operated by a talented team of women, Sunny Kim and Jody Charmatz. Since the inception of Galena, this Denver-based factory has been instrumental in shaping our company. From distinctive pearl snap shirts to durable bags and warm hats, each piece reflects their dedication, vision, and artistry. 


Our proximity to Sunny and Jody’s shop allows us to engage in open conversations, troubleshoot challenges, and refine designs together, ensuring every product meets a high standard, and that every piece tells a story of collaboration, passion, and local pride. Join us in celebrating small local businesses and the fruits of their labor.


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